Theatre Entrance

Some people go for a re-creation of an actual lobby and concession area as part of their home theatre, but I wanted something more subtle that still added to the cinema experience. We painted the exterior wall a nice deep red as the theatre name suggests, and hung four film posters along the wall.




Each of the four posters represent a film that was very important to me during my childhood, and continue to be import to me today. The posters are printed on canvas and mounted as 1.5″ thick gallery wraps. I’m very happy with how they turned out, and how they look in the space.




A theatre would not be a theatre without a popcorn machine. Along the wall is a Paragon 8oz Contemporary popper. I heavily researched popcorn machines and Paragon seemed to be highly recommended. I had it shipped from the United States a couple years ago and love it. I wanted something that was durable and that would last so the commercial grade quality of the Paragon’s made it an easy choice. The only thing to watch for is that it has some sharp corners that can really do some damage if you’re not careful. I’m speaking from experience on this.


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