Soundproofing & Drywall

In our previous house, watching a movie in the basement meant that anyone upstairs would have to put up with listening to the entire movie, as well as things falling off of shelves. The goal with the new theatre was to not completely soundproof the room, but to limit the sound leaving the room.


I installed Roxul Safe’n’Sound in all of the theatre walls, as well as the ceiling to act as an acoustic barrier. I also had the drywallers install two layers of drywall on resilient channel on the walls shared with other rooms, as well as the ceiling.

I couldn’t even imagine how much I would have hated my life if I had attempted to do the drywalling myself. We hired people to do it and I hated it. The mess it created was the bane of my existence for nearly 3 weeks. The drywall dust got everywhere and there was nothing we could do about it. At one point our air conditioner froze since the furnace filter got so clogged.


I had nothing to compare to, but it seemed like the guys we hired were a lot messier than they needed to be. The floor was caked with mud so I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees scraping it off in preparation of laying down the floor. I was very happy when we got past this stage.

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