Electrical & AV

Hiring the electrician was easy. Our friend and his sons were electricians by trade so we were quite comfortable with giving them some business. When it came to the electrical work I just let them do their thing. Once we started discussing how I wanted my AV laid out there was definitely some problems with me communicating all of my intricate plans. At one point he just asked me if I wanted to do the AV stuff myself. That was definitely my wish, but I told him I didn’t know any of the details regarding code. Apparently there is no code for low voltage electrical.


I ordered the majority of my material from Monoprice, despite the high shipping costs to Canada. I thought I had planned for everything I needed, but I ended up making three separate orders. I spent a lot more on shipping than I needed to.


On top of running the AV wire for the 7.2 theatre, I was also taking care of the family room and the office/playroom, both which would have their own 5.1 audio system. I spent a lot of time figuring out the best run paths for the wire – probably too much time – but I think it was for the best. It was the first time I was doing anything like this so I erred on the side of over planning.


Since I was going for such a clean look I wanted to make sure I was able to upgrade or replace cables when necessary. I would have liked to have ran conduit for everything, but in the end I decided to only use it for the three HDMI and four subwoofer runs I needed. Running conduit for all of the speaker wire would have been too costly and probably unnecessary. In the end I ran just under 600 feet of 12 AWG wire.

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