Carpet, Colours & Painting

For the carpet I wanted something durable that could hold up to any potential food spills, as well as something dark with a subtle pattern. Since the room was only around 200 square feet buying a more pricey style didn’t really make much of a difference. We bought the carpet from a local flooring business that we had dealt with before, and who had always provided excellent service.



I wasn’t about to mess around with trying to install carpet, and with the added complexity of the riser I knew that I would be happiest if a professional installed it. They were in and out in a few hours and cost around $200. If I would have tried to do it myself I would have spent an entire day grumbling and trying to fix unavoidable rookie mistakes. This was easily worth the money to me.



Colour Choices & Painting
Being a dedicated home theatre we were able to put performance ahead of aesthetics. We went with matte black for the ceiling, front, and back walls, and a dark grey for the two side walls. My wife did all of the painting because I just hate it so much. But it is worth mentioning that I can tolerate it ever since we started using the Benjamin Moore Aura paint. It is expensive, but the time and headaches it will save you is worth it. We’ve been using this paint for a while now and will never go back to anything else.

The difference the dark matte colours make is crazy. While working in the room before painting, the work light I was using was enough to work comfortably. Once the paint was up the work light barely seemed to do anything. The walls and ceiling just swallowed all the light and reduced reflections considerably.

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