Let’s Get Some Red in There

I was no longer happy with the solution we had come up with for the window cover at the back of the room. For whatever reason, the wallpaper started to peal at the edges pretty quickly, and I didn’t like how it looked. I started thinking about new ideas for the cover and finally decided to wrap the entire styrofoam piece with red fabric. I figured this would look better since there wouldn’t be any seams, and it would also give me a chance to actually add something red to the Rouge Cinema.



My wife picked out and bought some interior design type fabric which I was happy with. I simply re-wrapped the styrofoam insulation board and secured the fabric with staples and duct tape. We re-attached it to the wall and I used this opportunity to attach the scatter block acoustical treatments to the surface.




I personally think this is a huge improvement to the look of the room. The splash of red definitely gives the space a little more life, and the checkered pattern of the scatter blocks look pretty cool as well. I still think the side walls need some red accents and am still brainstorming some ideas, so stay tuned.

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